TDC Goes Live

Please watch the video & review the written instructions below for accessing your classes.

  1. Login to DanceStudio Pro as you would to register/pay tuition. Can’t remember your DSP login? Contact Sheri at [email protected] for assistance
  2. On the day of your student’s class you will see “Today’s Schedule” with your student’s class listed and a camera icon.
  3. Click the video camera icon
  4. The next screen will say “Go to my class” – click this link and it will launch Zoom.
  5. Enter the class passcode TDC5678
  6. A zoom meeting will begin, where you see your teacher and classmates.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Students will be “muted” when they enter the room and the teacher will unmute as needed for questions and discussions. As with any classroom if we had 20 students talking at one time, it would be overwhelming!
  • In the upper right hand corner of your teacher’s screen, click the 3 dots and scroll down to “pin video” so that the teacher is the main/largest video you see.
  • It’s best to do it on a desktop, laptop or tablet. (If you have Smart TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire stick, or can mirror your tablet/cell phone screen, you can actually watch the class on your TV screen. But remember for us to see your dancer, be sure that your camera is still set up!)
  • If you don’t want your student’s video to be seen, in the lower left corner you can click the camera icon to turn it off.
  • Zoom links are for students only and not for parent viewing

Reference Videos Again!

As we get closer to recitals, we will record our classes so dancers can practice their routines. The recording will be shared in your DanceStudio Pro account under “Shared Files” to reference again until our next session! If you have any questions for The Dance Centre in South Toms River, NJ, feel free to contact us at any time.