Here is the schedule for On Pointe Dance Competition which will be on Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1, 2022 only- no Friday. When reviewing the schedule, please make sure to look at the time posted to the right and not just the number order- there are times that we have routines back to back but there is a time gap for judges break for students to change costumes. There are some quick changes again, I will look at them next week and make required hair adjustment needs so that hair, earrings, and make up don’t need to be switched during quick changes wherever possible.Venue- Williamstown High School
700 Tuckahoe Rd,
Williamstown, NJ, 08094NO photography or video allowed– we have already pre-purchased the required media package which gives you access to all photos and videos from our studio taken by the competition’s professional photographers and videographers. Routines will be disqualified if this occurs and this is also grounds for dismissal from TDC team as these are the rules of this competition. Please inform ALL of your friends and family who plan to attend this competition of this rule.

In person class attendance is mandatory for all team classes the week following break before this competition in order to compete.

So excited for our final full studio regional competition of the season.

Sheri Daknis
TDC Studio Director

Here is the Schedule for Throwdown Dance competition April 9 and 10, 2022. Please be aware that there is a possibility that some routines will be asked to repeat one of their routines in a dance battle just before final awards for their age level ( 5 routines per level chosen) so all team students must be present for the announcement of the dance battle routines and final awards for their age level. Mini, Petite and Juniors dance off will be announced and take place between 4-5pm on Saturday April 10 (team production is a Jr routine) just before their final awards and the TN and SR dance off on Sunday April 11, 2022 between 830 and 930pm just before their final awards. Dance battle Routines may be shortened to just the first 1 min 15-30 sec of the dance depending on how the competition is running from a time standpoint. The competition can run up to 1 hour ahead of schedule.Throwdown will be sending out to the directors the complete program book by Sunday. The book has all you need to know with breaks, awards, media info and livestream info. This will be shared with the entire team and staff after received as they are no longer printing out programs. A QR Code will be available at event to scan to your phone in case anyone forgets.

Doors will open 6:45am on both days.

Please double check that you have signed the release form for Throwdown located at our front desk by this Saturday at 10am as it will need to be emailed to the competition.

This event is in the RWJ Arena connected to Toms River North HS. Go to the right of the school. Entrance is Door #13 under portico.
1245 Old Freehold Road, Toms River NJ 08753

There is a concession stand that will be running throughout the event for all spectators etc.

Looking forward to another amazing full team weekend. So very proud of of this super talented group of dancers!

Dressing Room is the gym right across hall from performance area.

There will be a separate dressing room for all male dancers.

Masks are completely optional.

Please have your dancers arrive in costume with hair and make up done and ready to dance at least 2 hours prior to scheduled performance time.

Looking forward to another awesome full team competition weekend. So very proud of our super talented group of dancers!

Sheri Daknis, TDC Studio Director

Hi everyone. Here is the practice schedule for Royal Dance Challenge Nationals.

We will be off the week after the recitals to rest then there will be two practices only based upon graduations and school functions that were submitted to me as requested.

Please arrive by 345pm to stretch and warm up for those who start dancing at 4 pm and by 4pm for those who start dancing at 415pm. All those not in the first two practice time slots need to arrive 15 minutes prior to dance time to make sure you are all stretched and ready to dance at your scheduled time.

Students who dance straight through from 4-9pm or who have multiple classes in a row will be allowed snacks when their partnered group is dancing during any of their time slots as we will be alternating dances in most time slots between levels.

Nationals Practice dates are Wednesday June 22 and Monday June 27. Should any graduations be moved unexpectedly or some dances require unexpected changes that require more practice time, the two alternate or additional practice dates will be Thursday June 23, 2022 and Tuesday June 28, 2022. The alternate dates will only be used if absolutely necessary to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.

Sheri Daknis, TDC Studio Director

Hi Team TDC. I am so excited to get the first full studio competition of our season started! After watching our showcase, I was so impressed with how far these dancers have come and the beautiful choreography of their instructors that I know it will be an amazing season! Thank you teachers, parents and students for your hard work and dedication.

Here are some additional details sent today from Lydia at Royal dance challenge. Reminder that students must arrive ready to dance at least 2 hours prior to their scheduled dance time. Audience is NOT limited at this event, you can bring whoever you want and no tickets are required- as long as they are aware that they are representing TDC at all times and must adhere to sportsmanlike behavior at all times. Masks are optional at the venue. No block scheduling. Finally some normalcy!

Live stream is available through the TRDC website:

Here is a copy of the final schedule. I made a few level adjustments for our mini groups to reflect the status of at least 50% being new to competition and or their very first competition- 2 intermediate and 2 novice in line with the TRDC regulations. All soloists and groups who have attended at least one competition this season are still considered to be competitive level based on the number of hours they dance per week.

If you have not signed the royal dance competition waiver at the front desk, you will need to come in tonight to do so as it needs to go to the competition by tomorrow. Miss bonnie will be calling all those who have not signed. If you are not sure if you signed please call 732-349-1140.

Sheri Daknis, TDC Studio Director

From Lydia at TRDC:

We can’t wait to see you this weekend at TRDC’s 2022 Pine Hill event!

Here is some great information to provide to your families:

Venue: Overbrook High School, 1200 Turnersville Road, Pine Hill, NJ 08021

Participant parking and audience parking is on the side of the high school in front of the tennis courts. There are no parking fees.

General Times: Please make sure your dancers are at the venue and ready on time.
We run on-time or early, so please let your dance families know! A full schedule of session times is attached, but here are the general times:

Doors Open: 5:30 pm
First Session Begins: 6:30 pm
Final Award Ceremony: 10:35 pm
Doors Open: 6:30 am
First Session Begins: 7:30 am
Final Award Ceremony: 10:15 pm
Doors Open: 6:30 am
First Session Begins: 7:30 am
Final Award Ceremony: 8:15 pm

Special Event Safety Measures: The following are our COVID-19 special requirements for this event — please share with your dance families:

This venue is mask optional

Photogenic Awards: In an effort to give you a break, parents can sign up for Photogenic on their own at the event! The deadline for registration is during the first session on Sunday, and winners will be announced during the awards ceremony following this session. Please note that the prices below are public pricing, and may be listed on the TRDC or social media:

Photogenic Challenge: (12-and-under and 13-and-older winners chosen at each event). The price for Photogenic entries per dancer are $35 for one photo, $10 for each additional photo of a dancer. Photos can be black/white or color and either 8.5×10 or 5×7.

Improv Challenge: Because this is a sold-out event, we need to limit the number of additional Improv entries. Although we want to give all dancers the opportunity to show off their dance ability, we also don’t want to run behind schedule due to too many improv entries.

We have 20 additional Improv spots available at this time, available to all studios on a first-come, first-served basis until Thursday at 5 pm. If you have dancers who would like to participate, please email me the dancer names/genre for each entry. We can take the first 20 entries that we receive.

If there are any remaining spots after all studios have had the opportunity to register, they will be available for filling at the event’s registration table on a first-come, first-served basis starting on Saturday at 12 pm.

Here’s how the Improv Challenge works:

Improv Challenge: (dancers choose one of 6 genres and dance to music of our choosing for approximately 1 minute; dancers can compete as solos, duos or groups; Improv Challenge will be at the end of the first session on Sunday); The cost for the Improv Challenge is $50 per person.

Seniors and Birthday Celebrants:
While we try to celebrate all dancers, we do like to give special recognition to seniors at each event, plus all those celebrating birthdays. Please encourage any seniors and birthday celebrants to stop by the registration table to pick up a special gift from the Royal Family!

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Lydia Wright

Attached is the general venue and preliminary competition schedule for Royal Dance Challenge March 25-27 Pinehill NJ. Please review schedule to make sure all your groups, solos, duets and trios are on the schedule. Teachers please check also that all routines are in the appropriate categories and levels and that those who going for title are under title category with the correct routine. If anything is missing please email me at [email protected] by tomorrow at 9pm.Arrival Time is 2 hours prior to dance time on schedule at the very latest- in costume, hair and make up done, ready to dance. Please see general schedule for when doors open for students in early morning or start of comp as that is your arrival time if your routine is performing less than two hours of door open time.

Location: Overbrook High School,
1200 Turnersville Road,
Pine Hill, NJ, 08021

Super excited to get this comp season started!

Preliminary Schedule

Friday evening, I received the preliminary schedule for Nuvo competition and convention. Many of our solos and duets are competing on Thursday and Friday. We will need to make some changes to our Thursday March 3rd class schedule to try to keep as many students in their team classes as possible.TN/SR Acro- Thursday 730-930 on March 3rd will be rescheduled to this Sunday February 27 from 8-10am due to 13 students from that class competing at Nuvo on March 3. This is a mandatory practice time to clean our routine – due to multiple student absences weekly all season, the dance was only finished last week with 3 students out still. As so many acro students have make up classes needed, I will still hold the Thursday 715-915 acro on March 3rd which can be used as a make-up tumbling class.

Thursday 415-5pm SR Improv will be canceled on March 3rd as many in that class are competing that day and students available are most welcome to attend the Thursday 8-845pm JR improv that night instead- if in the acro make up, students can leave tumbling class and return after improv. Mr Eric will be subbing for Miss Keryn that night for Jr Jazz, Jumps/turns adv and int, and JR improv.

Rest of the classes on Thursday March 3rd will run as scheduled. Students competing that Thursday who are missing ballet tech, should attend an equivalent ballet tech class that Monday instead.

Ballet production students. Miss Allison feels that you need more time together as one combined class to work on your routine. On Tuesdays March 1 and 8, both Ballet 11/12 and 13/14 will be held from 4-515pm and pointe 5/6 will be held from 730-815pm.

Sheri Daknis, TDC Studio Director

REMINDER: Throwdown competition fees are due on or before Saturday, February 26, 2022.