Registration 2020-2021 Dance Season

What is owed when I register?

  • $50.00 Registration Fee
  • First Month’s Tuition

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In Person Fittings & Registration Appts.

After registering, please download our handbook and complete the following forms which will need to be turned into the desk on your first day of class:
 The Dance Centre Liability Release | TDC-20-21Handbook | Media Release Form
10% Discount if tuition is paid in full for the year at the time of registration, non-refundable. If in the event classes must be moved into a Zoom model, no credits or refunds will be given.


The Dance Centre tuition is charged by the year and broken into 9 monthly payments, based on a total of 28 lessons for the season, from October through June unless you prefer to pay the year in full at registration. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. It is mandatory for a credit card to be placed on file through the Dance Studio Pro site, for all students in case of lack of payment. The card is placed on file by enrollment in tuition auto pay through the parent portal. Contact us to learn more.

As long as tuition is paid by the first of the month, your card will not be charged. All credit and debit card payments are processed through DSP Merchants and are automatically charged an additional 3% convenience fee for this service. An alternative is a 0.75% ACH bank withdrawal option for payments and autopay. Tuition must be paid before a student can enter class each month. See below for Tuition Discount Opportunities…

  • 25 min class-$45 per month/$405 per year
  • 30 min class – $50 per month/ $450 per year
  • 45 min class- $58 per month/$522 per year
  • 50 min class- $61 per month/$549 per year
  • 60 min class- $66 per month/ $594 per year
  • 75 min class- $75 per month/ $675 per year
  • 90 min class- $90 per month/ $810 per year
  • 100 min class-$100 per month/$900 per year
  • 120 min class- $110 per month/ $990 per year

Aerial Silks Tuition

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety precautions, aerial silks group classes are limited to private or semi-private lessons with only 4-5 students per class depending on the student’s ages and ability level.  Silks equipment is for single student use only on a daily basis. With these restrictions, silks cannot be included in regular pricing and can only be purchased in 4 week sessions, billed separately from regular tuition in which no other discounts can apply. The $50 once per year registration fee still applies to register for your first silks sessions at any point in the season if you are taking no other classes at TDC and have not paid the yearly registration fee for the 2020-2021 season. 

  $100 for 1 hour per week semi-private group lesson 4 week session

 $80 for 45 min per week semi-private group lesson 4 week session

  $60 per one 30 min lesson single person private silks lesson

 $80 per one 45 min lesson single person private silks lesson

If we are forced to go virtual at any point during a 4 week session, only TDC credit will be given for any missed silks classes, as silks will not go virtual.  If a student misses a class due to illness or injury-a make up lesson will be made available within 3 months of the missed lesson.

Private Dance, Voice & Acro Lessons

$40 for 30 minute single person private lesson

$60 for 45 minute single person private lesson

$80 for 60 minute single person private lesson

$20 per person for 30 min semi-private lesson (2-4 people)

$25 per person for 45 min semi-private lesson (2-4 people)

$30 per person for 60 min semi-private lesson (2-4 people)

Solo/Duets/Trios choreography Fees and Lessons

$150 teacher choreo fee paid upfront for all NEW or REVISED solo requests then each lesson priced as noted above to learn or clean the routine. Solos are single private lessons pricing. Duets, trios, and small groups are semi-private lesson pricing.

*** Guest teacher choreographers rates will vary 

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all private lessons. Any private lessons that do not show up for their lesson and are not canceled 24 hours in advance by the customer via email to the Director will be charged for that lesson.

Tuition Late Fee Policy

Late fee of $25 will automatically be added to tuition 10 days past the 1st of the month. A $35 fee will be imposed on your account for all checks returned from the bank as well as habitual auto pay failures. Habitual autopay failures will be treated the same as returned or bounced checks with a $35 charge for all failed auto payment processing after the first offense. It is your responsibility to check your credit card on file or bank account before the first of the month for sufficient funds and validity. After late fees and bank failure fees, there will be an additional $50 charge for all credit card disputes, if the dispute is won by TDC.

If the payment is disputed through the credit card company, rather than resolving the issue with the Director of the studio directly, the customer will no longer be able to attend classes at TDC with no refunds for any monies paid.

Tuition Discount Opportunities


Multiple class discounts rates & Family discount rates:

  • 3-4 classes per week- 10% off
  • 5-6 classes per week- 20% off
  • 7-8 classes per week- 30% off
  • 9-10 classes or more per week- 40% off
  • 11 or more classes: $375 fixed tuition rate
  • 2 students: 10% off each student
  • 3 or more students: 15% off each student
  • Boys Discount Rate: 50% off total tuition- cannot be combined with other discount rates

Flexible Option- Dance Punch Cards

Length of Class5 Pack
30 min$65
45 min$75

When using a punch card, you must call ahead to reserve your place in the class(es) you would like to take. Your account will be updated over the phone, and if you cannot make a class you must call 12 hours prior to receive a credit back. This is due to class limitation sizes.

Recital Information | Costumes | Media/Production Fee

Students may not participate in the recital if any balance is owed on their account.

  • Non-Refundable Costume Deposit of $70 per student, per recital class will automatically be added to November 2020 tuition
  • The final costume balance will automatically be added to January 2021 tuition.
  • Costumes will not be ordered without a deposit and not be distributed until balance is paid in full
  • Non-Refundable Media/Production Fee- $35 will be due March 1st with your tuition. This gives you access to your dancer’s performance video taken at the recital.

Recital, Rehearsal, June 2021 & Picture Dates May 2021

Picture days and dress rehearsals will be held on June 5 & 6, 2021 at our new facility in South Toms River, NJ.

Recitals will be held on June 12 and 13, 2021 at our new facility