4 Reasons To Dance As An Adult

Adult Silks (Adult Aerial Silks Class Thursdays 7:30pm)

If you haven’t heard yet The Dance Centre offers classes for Adults (ages 18 & up) in convenient 6 week sessions.

Classes offered are

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop
  • Aerial Silks
  • Aerial Yoga

You could be a former dancer missing the dance floor, perhaps you never got the chance to dance as a kid, or you are looking for a new workout, no matter the reason we want to encourage you to try something new, no matter what your level!

Here are 4 reasons to try a dance class as an Adult:

  • The workout. Dance is an amazing way to get your exercise in. It is just as good for you as cycling and jogging. It is a great endurance builder and you will use your WHOLE body, including muscles you probably didn’t even know existed. We promise you will leave class feeling like you got the most out of your time and have fun while doing it! Overall, it can be a great workout for any adult!
  • Dance challenges your mind. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, your brain will constantly be challenged during class. Science shows that exercise can reverse the volume loss from the part of your brain that controls memory and can help prevent dementia. Learning combinations and choreography forces your brain to make all kinds of new connections, and so does working your legs and your arms while moving around in space. Learning how to connect your mind to your body takes practice and you will do just that during our dance or aerial classes.
  • It is dedicated time to focus on YOU. As adults, we spend most of our day focusing on other people. Whether it is our kids or people at work, we don’t often get time to focus on ourselves. Dance classes at The Dance Centre will allow you to do just that. We physically and emotionally close the door to all outside distractions. When feeling stressed and overwhelmed, a little time to focus on YOU can be the best medicine.
  • Dance friends are the best friends is what we find with our younger students. In the classroom growing up together they can make lifelong friendships.  As adults, it’s often difficult to find time to meet new people. We’re all busy with work, raising children, going to school, etc. By taking the time to try something new (like a dance class), you can make new friends who also enjoy dancing and reduce stress by interacting socially in a different way.

Dancing is a wonderful experience for people of all ages, and our adult dance classes allow you to stay active in a new way. At The Dance Centre we offer a variety of classes ideal for adults in convenient 6 week sessions. Click here to learn more

If you aren’t sure which class is the right fit for you, give us a call so we can help you find the best option for your personal skills and interests.

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