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Dance Competitions…What are they? Why do them?

For those who are new to dance, your initial thoughts of dance competition might involve a certain show… Thankfully time has passed and we’re getting away from that stigma. You may have a dancer in the family who excitedly shares that they’ve received a Blue Diamond, 1st place, 2nd overall, with a Judges award, scholarship, […]

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4 Reasons To Dance As An Adult

(Adult Aerial Silks Class Thursdays 7:30pm) If you haven’t heard yet The Dance Centre offers classes for Adults (ages 18 & up) in convenient 6 week sessions. Classes offered are Ballet Tap Hip Hop Aerial Silks Aerial Yoga You could be a former dancer missing the dance floor, perhaps you never got the chance to […]

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Tiny Dancer’s First Time On The Dance Floor

September 10th is our first day of dance class for the ’21-’22 season. For many children this is the first time they have experienced a classroom setting. Here is how some of your dancers may act the first few weeks: Track star runners Benchwarmers Tears Empathy Friends Fierce 1) Track stars-As soon as some students […]

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