Recital Schedule June 12th & 13th

You can download, save and print this program! Links to businesses are active, check them out- Congratulations to all of our dancers!

Saturday June 12th Recital Program

Sunday June 13th Recital Program

TDC Team Showcase Program

TDC Recital Schedule

How to purchase your tickets & live stream options:

Recital Tickets

Saturday June 12 recital is set up as 2-3 classes per time slot with a 5 minute spot per dance and then 15 minutes in between each group of 2-3 dances to allow for the parking lot to clear and the next class to come in, much like at our park recital last year. Doing the recital this way allows for 6 audience members per family to attend each class performance in person for recreational dance routines  and 4 audience members per family for competitive dance routines during the Saturday June 12 class shows.

The Sunday June 13 mini shows for mommy and me, preschool and kinderdance by class and silks showcase will also include some competitive routines to allow for the littles to change shoes and costume parts- the littles will be allowed 6 audience members per family and team students are not allowed audience during the baby shows but 9 and under can have a chaperone in the dressing room.

For the team showcase on Sunday June 6, there will be a limit of 2 audience members per family.

Tickets options are $15/ticket for a single show or $20/ ticket for both shows.

Tickets can be purchased in your Parent Portal


TDC will be offering a complimentary valet service to park your cars at 69 Flint Road, de Rouville’s Boat Shop- please limit your vehicles to one per family whenever possible– if you are staying for the majority of the day, we ask you valet your car- only one car per family will be allowed in the TDC lot. Outdoor tented seating will be available for waiting in between routines.

Live Stream Option

This year we would like to welcome Harry Ferone from Ocean Video Productions will be taking care of our media package which includes the entire 2 days of performances all shows all routines in one video link per family.

They will also be offering a $7 additional live stream option for each day, set up through through Live stream links can be purchased up until 3:45pm Sunday June 13th. You must purchase a link for each day you’d like the view the show. 1 link per device, it cannot be shared. The show stream will be played in the dressing rooms as well as outside in the tented area all weekend.

Purchase your live link here

Dressing Rooms

Studio 3– mommy and me, preschool and kinderdance students Sunday mini shows/ Boys dressing room for all Saturday shows and team show case
 Studio 4 (acro room)- all other female students older than kinderdance level
Sound studio– Boys dressing room during the Sunday little kid mini shows until 2pm- male performers are to check in at the main lobby entrance for these shows

Costume changes for students:
– Mommy and me- a parent is dancing with each child on stage and will check in at the back door of studio 3 and stay with their child in studio 3 until it’s time to perform and the show is over- if you are performing you do not need a ticket for the mommy and me show. If you have another child dancing in that show directly before or after you may watch that student from the side of the audience closest to the lobby but do not have time to find a seat in the audience. Parents who are performing with their child need to wear a TDC recital t-shirt with any shorts or leggings- whatever is most comfortable.

Preschool- students only have a shoe change, the same costume and tights are worn with both routines so please sit back and enjoy the brief show which is shorter than yours child’s normal class time- TDC staff will change shoes for you as they do every week in class. Please check students in through the back door of studio 3 before you enter the auditorium area-15 minutes prior to their show time completely dressed and ready for their first routine with the shoe change required for their second routine in their dance bag with their name clearly labeled on the bag and in their all of shoes. Pick up and sign out is at the back door of studio 3- all students must be signed out by one parent or legal guardian at the end of each mini show and no sooner.

– Kinderdance – Please check in your child in at the back door of studio 3, 15 minutes prior to the start of the show time before you enter the audience completely ready for their first dance. Send them with their dance bag or a garment bag that is clearly labeled with their name on it and contains all extra costume parts and shoes required- all parts and shoes labeled with their name. The show is shorter than their regular class time, please sit back and enjoy the show and we will help them the same way we do in class every week. They wear the same tights and leotard costume base for all routines so all that needs to be changed by our TDC Staff are shorts or skirts, and shoes for each style.

– Class by class shows Saturday: All students who are performing should enter through the back door of studio 4 (acro room gym) where they will be changing for the Saturday 2-3 class at a time shows- this also applies to team students who are in the younger kids shows on Sunday. If your child has an hour or longer gap between performance times, you are welcome to sign them out at the back door of studio 4 and bring them back 15-20 minutes before the start of their next performance. If your child is in multiple routines and you feel they will need help to change, you must sign in at the back door and receive a name tag for the day to change them. Once any show begins you will not be allowed to enter the auditorium so the change needs to happen before any show starts within 5 minutes of the show start time to allow you time to take a seat in the audience before the show starts. Team students performing both days may leave their costumes set up overnight for the next day.

– Team showcase– Students should check in at the back door of studio 4 for the team show 30 minutes prior to the start of the show. Once the show case begins no one will be allowed in and out of the auditorium area except at intermission or for an emergency or bathroom necessity. If you wish to help your child change costumes rather than having TDC staff and older team members help them, you will need to stay in the studio 4 dressing area for the entire show and watch the live stream that will be on in the gym- you will not be allowed to go back and forth between the dressing room and the audience during the show. Students in the showcase must stay for the entire show and be signed out by one parent or legal guardian adult 18 years of age or older after the show ends via the back door of studio 4.

– Team students who are in the Sunday Mini shows – all team students check in at the back door of studio 4 and change in the gym. Students do need to stay for the entire mini show that they are performing in but if they have gaps larger than one hour between the little kid mini shows, they may be signed out by a parent at the back door of studio 4. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of your mini show dressed and ready for your first routine. Parents cannot come in and out of the audience to assist with costume changes during the Sunday mini shows or the team showcase, if your child has multiple numbers in those shows and you wish to help them change yourself, you will need to check in at the back door of studio 4 and receive a name badge and stay in studio 4 and watch the live stream available for the entire show or if you have a ticket, you can reenter at intermission only. All team students must place their bags in studio 3 or 5 after their last S unday mini show performance so the room is clear for the silks performance that afternoon. After the silks performance students may move their bags back into the gym for the team showcase for the rest of the evening.